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Does Extend have a political agenda?

Extend is an educational organization committed to providing American Jews the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We do not advocate for a particular political solution to the conflict. Our speakers span a large section of the Israeli-Palestinian political spectrum. No tour participant will go without encountering a number of speakers who will have different beliefs than him or her. Tour participants will always have the opportunity to disagree with our speakers, and we encourage tour participants to (politely) exercise this privilege.

I don’t know much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Am I still welcome on the tour?

Yes—Extend welcomes anybody who wants to learn about the conflict. However, we strongly encourage you to dedicate time prior to traveling with us to begin learning about the region’s complex history. Contact us and we will be happy to recommend resources!

How much does it cost?

Extend programs are heavily subsidized, but we do ask participants to contribute toward program costs. Extend is committed to providing our educational experience to participants regardless of their ability to pay, and will work with you to accommodate your budget. The trip cost covers all costs associated with transport (excluding arrival in and departure from Jerusalem), speaker fees and honoraria, hotel and hostel rooms, and two meals per day. You will receive information about the cost of your particular trip when you submit an interest form.

Do you cover transit to the region?

The tour begins and ends in Jerusalem. We do not cover transit to or from there.

How do I apply?

Please submit a form via the Register page on the website, or to extendtours@gmail.com. In your email please tell us a little bit about yourself, why you are interested in this tour, and what you hope to learn from it. Please know that people of all political views are welcome. In your email, please note which tour dates you would like to join us.

I am not Jewish/American/under 25. Can I still come on your tour?

All perspectives are welcome and appreciated. You are welcome to apply if you do not fit Extend’s target demographic.

I have food allergies/am a vegetarian/keep kosher. Can you accommodate me?

Yes! If you notify us in advance, we will be able to accommodate you. Please note that we will sometimes be getting quick lunches at restaurants that serve little more than falafel. On these days you will be encouraged to pack your own lunch if falafel does not suit you.